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Our Story

Blissful Jewels is a line of fine jewelry using precious materials and hand-selected gemstones. Our inspiration comes from the love for jewelry and the satisfaction & bliss of owning and wearing something you love.

At Blissful Jewels, we ethically source quality gems and design jewelry keeping in mind the need to keep things simple yet elegant. Our customers are our extended family and so we think of their needs before ours. Each piece is hand crafted with love and warmth. Our mission is to provide brilliant designs and great quality while delivering unmatched value.

Giving Back- In our own small way we are supporting small artisans earn a decent livelihood and fulfill their dreams. 10% of our profits are also given for the cause of Women Empowerment, which we truly believe in.

Customer testimonials

"I love the designs by Blissful Jewels as they are so wearable"


Customer testimonials

"Very nice designs with appropriate pricing."


Customer Testimonials

"Gorgeous pieces, all handmade and extremely affordable."


Bought a gorgeous ring from blissful jewels. It was beautiful and so reasonable!


"Bought earrings for my daughter.. love them"