A note from the creator

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Geetika Sethi

Following my passion and doing creative work is my bliss. After working in our family business and having my own jewellery shop in New Delhi, India for over a decade, I moved to Canada to pursue my passion here. I could not think of any other job that would give me this kind of satisfaction, so I created Blissful Jewels. Our Jewellery line features rich jewel tones and ornate patterns balanced with simplicity. My idea is to create jewellery that you can wear on an everyday basis. Why wait for that special occasion to wear something that you love!

So go indulge and feel the Bliss.

Giving back

Giving back to society is very close to our heart. It is because of this we are supporting small artisans in India by providing them the means to earn a decent livelihood and increase their quality of life. We also donate 10 percent of our profits for the cause of women empowerment.

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